Dr Tanu R Pathak

BDSc, General Dentist

Dr Tanu R Pathak  Pacific Smiles Dental Woden Woden

Dr Tanu R Pathak is a female General Dentist who speaks Hindi (as well as English).

Dr Tanu R. Pathak graduated with her Bachelor of Dental Science in 2003 & has been practising dentistry since. She furthered her knowledge & finished a Masters in Oral Pathology in the year of 2009 with special interest in the diagnosis of oral precancer & cancer. Dr Pathak attained registration from the Australian Dental Council in the year of 2011, & since has been practising dentistry in Australia. Dr. Pathak completed a 2-year training course for orthodontics in 2013. Dr. Pathak thoroughly enjoys practising cosmetic dentistry & orthodontics.