Dr Sanjiv K Pathak

General Dentist

Dr Sanjiv K Pathak Smile Sensations Manuka Manuka

Dr Sanjiv K Pathak is a male General Dentist.

Dr Sanjiv Pathak is a young, vibrant & cheerful person & enjoys his role as a principal dentist with Smile Sensations. He attained his graduation in 2003 & brings years of experience to his dental work. After training at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne, Dr Pathak attained registration from the Australian Dental Council. Dr Pathak has since excelled & graduated a postgraduate diploma in dental implantology at Charles Sturt University (Orange, NSW). He has developed his postgraduate skills with his special interest in wisdom teeth removal to perform complex surgical procedures in clinical & hospital environments. Dr Pathak loves his job every day by ensuring all his dental work is a masterpiece in his great attention to detail. He is very patient in his approach & takes out time to explain your dental needs in great details. He is capable of offering you the latest in the modern dental world & works with your demands to achieve the best possible outcome