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Dr Sakshi K Gupta

BDS (Adel), General Dentist

Dr Sakshi K Gupta is a female General Dentist.

Dr Sakshi Gupta graduated from the University of Adelaide. After graduation she worked for several years in private practice on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and now Sydney.

Sakshi has treated patients of all ages and walks of life but particularly enjoys working with children and nervous/anxious patients. Sakshi has interests in all aspects of general dentistry especially preventative dentistry.

Sakshi prides herself on performing dentistry to the highest standard. She aims to build trusting relationships with all her patients and has a friendly and gentle nature ensures that all patients have a pleasant experience at the dentist. Outside of dentistry, Sakshi loves travelling and spending time with her family and friends. She is also committed to exercising regularly and is widening her cooking skills!