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Dr Reema Bassi

General Dentist

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Dr Reema Bassi is a female General Dentist.

Dr Reema Bassi is a principal dentist at the Family Dentist, a dental practice that has serviced the community for over three decades now.

Over the last 23 years, she has worked both in private and public sectors in Melbourne and overseas including South Africa and India. Hence she has gained extensive experience in all aspects of general dentistry like fillings, root canals and complex extractions. She is also a member of the ADA (Australian Dental Association).

She strives hard to deliver high quality technical care and treats her patients with respect, courtesy and compassion.

She is a very gentle and caring dentist and works very well with patients who have a "fear" of dentists. In addition she particularly loves working with children and seniors. In working with seniors, she gets immense satisfaction in designing and delivering dentures which improve their quality of life.