Dr Rahul  Sohoni Iluka Dental Centre Iluka

Dr Rahul Sohoni

BDS (India), General Dentist

Dr Rahul Sohoni is a male General Dentist who speaks Hindi and Marathi (as well as English).

Dr Rahul is focused on providing patient centric dental care. He believes in comprehensive management of oral health by providing multiple treatment options for best patient care and patient priorities. His affable personality not only helps in putting the patients at ease but also build lasting relationships.

Dr Rahul Sohoni graduated in 2007, obtaining his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Mumbai, India. He worked at a private dental practice in Mumbai prior to relocating to Perth with his family.

Dr Rahul is an active member of the dental community in Australia and is committed to his ongoing education and continues to take part in continuous professional development programs according to industry advancement. He is always excited to learn new procedures, techniques and technologies as much as meeting, talking to and caring for patients.