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Dr Naomi AJJ Ting

BDS (Otago), General Dentist

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Dr Naomi AJJ Ting is a female General Dentist.

Dr Naomi Ting graduated from the University of Otago in New Zealand. She has since worked in regional parts of New Zealand and Western Australia. She grew up in Perth and enjoys being able to give back to the community and helping others.

Naomi enjoys getting to know her patients and making them feel at ease. She believes when it comes to dental treatment, patients should be well informed about their oral health and advised of all treatment options. She wishes to make any dental experience as gentle and comfortable as possible for her patients. She regularly takes local and international courses to learn new technology and advances in dentistry. She is furthering her studies in the MRACDS (GDP) exams with the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons. Recently, she joined part of a team of volunteers to provide dental services to underprivileged communities in need in Cambodia.

Her main areas of interest are in prosthodontics, aesthetic dentistry and oral surgery. She has gained experience in treating medically compromised and special needs patients working alongside oral and maxillofacial specialists, as well as attending to trauma and emergency cases.