Dr Monika Shah

Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Australian Dental Council Examination, General Dentist

Dr Monika  Shah MS Dental Singleton SINGLETON
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Dr Monika Shah is a female General Dentist who speaks Hindi (as well as English).

Dr Monika Shah is the Principal Dentist at MS Dental (Family Practice). Dr. Monika completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery qualification from India in 2006. After Graduation, she joined a private dental practice in India before moving to Australia in February 2007. In Australia, she completed her Australian Dental Council examinations and worked for multiple private practices in both Rural areas and Sydney. During this time, Dr Shah gained valuable experience working in very busy practices. She is frequently complemented by her patients that she is very gentle and caring. She makes nervous patients feel at ease. Dr. Monika believes that learning should never cease. She continues to attend various courses along with her busy schedule. She keeps herself updated with the latest innovations and technologies in Dentistry. Dr Shah makes visiting a Dentist an enjoyable experience.