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Dr Irena K Stojkovski

General Dentist

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Dr Irena K Stojkovski is a female General Dentist who speaks Croatian, Macedonian and Serbian (as well as English).

Dr Irena Kostoska Stojkovski Graduated with Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2017. She has been working in dental practices in Australia and abroad in different roles ever since. Irena is skilled in all areas of general dentistry and her mission is to provide comprehensive dental treatment to all patients in an environment that is safe, reassuring, pleasant and comfortable. Her patients of all ages appreciate her caring and approachable personality.

Irena strives to be the best in dental care and takes a lifelong approach to learning and education. She continuously seeks out training and professional development opportunities that allow her to remain aware and knowledgeable about new dental developments and the latest technology that would help her excel her patient care. She believes that prevention, early detection and intervention result in the delivery of the best and long-term care for her patients.