Dr Erica M Kim Quay Dental Sydney

Dr Erica M Kim

BDS (Adel), General Dentist

Dr Erica M Kim is a female General Dentist.

While growing up in Sydney, Dr Erica Kim studied dentistry at the University of Adelaide. She graduated in 2006 after which she has been working all around NSW, both in rural and in metro areas. These unique experiences have given her extensive experience in all aspects of dentistry.

She is passionate about making dentistry approachable to all patients and providing continuity of care. Dr Erica puts a great emphasis on building a positive patient-doctor relationship. She understands and empathises with the patients and thrives to provide individually tailored care and service to achieve the best outcome.

Dr Erica is committed to keeping herself up to date with the latest evidence-based dentistry and technology through her passion for learning and continuing education. Her skills in endodontic and cosmetic dentistry including botox, fillers and invisalign are particularly her expertise while she continues to aim to achieve beautiful smiles and help patients improve their oral health.