Dr Dinesh  Rao Integrated Smiles Bendigo BENDIGO

Dr Dinesh Rao

BDSc (India), General Dentist

Dr Dinesh Rao is a male General Dentist who speaks Hindi, Kannada and Marathi (as well as English).

Dr Dinesh has been a dentist for the past 16 years, including the past 6 years establishing his reputation in Bendigo, which he is proud to call home.

His passion is in creating a stress-free atmosphere for his patients. This means his goal for every patient, at every appointment, is to have them feeling relaxed and at ease.
Dr Dinesh has trained all over the world including the USA. He constantly strives to keep his skills sharp.
Not content to rest on his laurels, Dr Dinesh is constantly upgrading his skills. He graduated with honours from POS Orthodontics in the USA. This means you know you're in good hands.
Dr Dinesh is a family man and is surrounded by two beautiful ladies ... his wife Smita and daughter Avni, and his little man, Anvay. Outside dentistry his interests are travel, photography, cooking and music - and he loves dogs.
Dr Dinesh is the proud principal of Integrated Smiles.