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Yarrabilba Village Dental is a Dentist in Yarrabilba, QLD with dentists including Dr Paul Mienert.

5 / 36 Yarrabilba Drive

Yarrabilba QLD 4207

(07) 3484-0498

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To make an appointment at Yarrabilba Village Dental, please call (07) 3484-0498

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Root Canals Extractions Orthodontics Veneers Teeth Whitening White Fillings Dentures

About Yarrabilba Village Dental

Yarrabilba Village Dental would like to extend a warm welcome to all our patients. Our highly experienced and friendly dental team looks forward to catering to your whole family’s dental care.

Yarrabilba Village Dental is a family-focused practice. We offer a comprehensive range of dental treatments that will help keep everyone’s teeth in great shape, regardless of age. Whether you require a check-up, restorative work, or are interested in transforming your smile, let us find the best solution for you.

Our dental team is continually improving the services offered to you through ongoing education and is committed to providing you with the best treatment possible.

The Yarrabilba Village Dental team

Dr Paul Mienert Yarrabilba Village Dental Yarrabilba
General Dentist in Yarrabilba

Dr Paul Mienert is a male General Dentist.

Dr Paul, was born and raised in Queensland, and has been providing quality dental care to the residents of Logan for over 25 years. His extensive experience and caring dentistry make Yarrabilba Village Dental your num...more...