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Grand Promenade Dental Centre is a Dentist in Dianella, WA with dentists including Dr Anthony Giummarra, Dr Cina Yaqub and Dr Dean Martin.

243 Grand Promenade
Cnr Abbott Way

Dianella WA 6059

(08) 9272-1700

(08) 9344-7305

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To make an appointment at Grand Promenade Dental Centre, please call (08) 9272-1700

About Grand Promenade Dental Centre

At Grand Promenade Dental Centre, we offer a full-service dental experience. Our team looks forward to taking care of your family.

Dianella Drs Anthony Giummarra, Cina Yaqub, and Dean Martin (Dentists) provide high-quality dental care for the Dianella community. With a focus on dental implants and minor dental surgery, we offer our patients a choice of IV sedation or general anaesthesia, particularly for those suffering from anxiety, undergoing difficult procedures, or for children, as needed. Both Dr Anthony and Dr Dean are registered with local hospitals.

As a family-centred practice, we see children as young as two years old, individuals in their 90s, and everyone in between. We understand that many people experience dental anxiety, often due to a negative experience they had elsewhere. Our clinic is a welcoming space filled with friendly staff members committed to making your visit a pleasant one. And we accept all health funds to keep your oral care affordable.

The Grand Promenade Dental Centre team

Dr Anthony Giummarra Grand Promenade Dental Centre Dianella
General Dentist in Dianella

Dr Anthony Giummarra is a male General Dentist.

Dr Anthony Giummarra is a very practical person who loves working with his hands. He was drawn to dentistry because he enjoys creating and tailoring treatments to meet an individual’s needs.

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Dr Cina Yaqub Grand Promenade Dental Centre Dianella
General Dentist in Dianella

Dr Cina Yaqub is a female General Dentist  who speaks Dari (as well as English).

Dr Cina Yaqub completed her Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of Western Australia, graduating with Distinction. Following graduation, she practised in both the public and private sectors.

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Dr Dean Martin Grand Promenade Dental Centre Dianella
General Dentist in Dianella

Dr Dean Martin is a male General Dentist.

Dr Martin graduated from UWA with a Bachelor of Dental Science (BDSc) in 1988 and then furthered his education with a Fellowship from Sydney (FRACDS) in 1994 and a Graduate Diploma in 2000.

Dr Martin also train...more...