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Waverley Road Dental is a Dentist in Mount Waverley, VIC with dentists including Dr Xuan Tran, Dr Joslyn Lay and Dr Duy Huynh.

345 Waverley Road

Mount Waverley VIC 3149

(03) 9807-9961

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To make an appointment at Waverley Road Dental, please call (03) 9807-9961

About Waverley Road Dental

Waverley Road Dental was formerly known as Mount Waverley Dental Group and has been part of the community for over 45 years. Dr Xuan Tran would like to acknowledge her predecessors, Dr Alan Parr, Dr Graeme Fitzpatrick and Dr Robert Jackson, whom she has had the pleasure to work with. Dr Tran and her team are the third generation of dentists to continue the dental journey with our patients.

We are a friendly, vibrant family dental practice with a focus on preventative and clinical dental treatment. Our priority is to serve our patients with genuine care. We are committed to providing a dental experience that is as comfortable, gentle and pain-free as possible. Our highly trained staff ensure that patient safety comes first, by maintaining the highest infection control and sterilization standards.

Our dentists tailor each dental plan to meet the needs of our patients, prioritising according to their needs and budgets. Providing you with the best care means presenting you with options. Our dentists aim to give you choices, whether they relate to dental procedures or treatment plans. Fully informed, you will be able to select the care and payment options that suit your needs.

Our dentists have over 20 years of working experience in private practice. They also pursue ongoing professional development, to ensure that they are well informed of the latest advances in dentistry. We use state of the art technology and equipment, so you can see what we see, and make well informed choices.

At Waverley Road Dental, we value your time and trust in us. We take great satisfaction and joy in being able to build up this relationship of mutual trust and respect as we see our patients through the years.

The Waverley Road Dental team

Dr Xuan Tran Waverley Road Dental Mount Waverley
General Dentist in Mount Waverley

Dr Xuan Tran is a female General Dentist.

Dr Joslyn Lay Waverley Road Dental Mount Waverley
General Dentist in Mount Waverley

Dr Joslyn Lay is a male General Dentist  who speaks Cantonese and Mandarin (as well as English).

Miss Angelica Walendzik Waverley Road Dental Mount Waverley
Oral Health Therapist in Mount Waverley

Miss Angelica Walendzik is a female Oral Health Therapist  who speaks Polish (as well as English).

Dr Duy Huynh Waverley Road Dental Mount Waverley
General Dentist in Mount Waverley

Dr Duy Huynh is a male General Dentist  who speaks Vietnamese (as well as English).