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City Family Dental Care is a Dentist in Melbourne, VIC with dentists including Dr Tina Doctor and Dr Vishal Makadia.

Level 1, Room 23
12 Collins Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

(03) 9654-4455

(03) 9654-8489

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To make an appointment at City Family Dental Care, please call (03) 9654-4455

About City Family Dental Care

We offer a team of dental health professionals with an unbeatable focus on training and clinical skills. Our dental team understands the importance of helping you maintain a healthy smile, and we pride ourselves in the quality of care that is offered. Our ongoing education and learning ensure that you have access to the best dental services available today. While we offer the most advanced dental technology and services, it is our kindness and compassion that enable us to treat each patient as an extended member of our family.

The City Family Dental Care team

Dr Tina Doctor City Family Dental Care Melbourne
General Dentist in Melbourne

Dr Tina Doctor is a female General Dentist  who speaks Hindi (as well as English).

Dr Tina Doctor has more than 20 years of experience delivering optimal dental care. She has a very gentle and caring approach. She believes in prevention and conservative dentistry and strives to achieve the best poss...more...

Dr Vishal Makadia City Family Dental Care Melbourne
General Dentist in Melbourne

Dr Vishal Makadia is a male General Dentist  who speaks Gujarati and Hindi (as well as English).

Vishal believes in having a trustworthy relationship with patients and with over 11 years of experience, places a high importance towards good trust and communication with his patients.