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Bayside Family Dentistry is a Dentist in Beaumaris, VIC with dentists including Dr Suzanne Cairns, Dr Brett Borger, Dr Nikita Gosrani and Dr Sarah Cheong.

10 East Concourse

Beaumaris VIC 3193

(03) 9589-4472

(03) 9589-1842

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To make an appointment at Bayside Family Dentistry, please call (03) 9589-4472

About Bayside Family Dentistry

At Bayside Family Dentistry we pride ourselves on delivering the finest, artistic dentistry to restore function and aesthetics but also dental and holistic well-being, all within a relaxed environment.

When you become a valued patient at Bayside Family Dentistry you will realise that we are not your average dentists. Why? Because, we love to dish up a main course of professionalism with a bit of friendly banter on the side.

Our dentists at Bayside Family Dentistry, Dr Suzanne Cairns and associates, have a wealth of experience and knowledge. With years of experience between them, they have undergone extra training from implants to orthodontics, and cosmetic injectables /facial aesthetics training to sleep dentistry. Along with the combined expertise, comes a gentle and calming approach, to ensure you receive high class results, at your own pace. We aim to make you smile with confidence and sass.

At Bayside Family Dentistry we love working within a team of passionate professionals, dentists, dental therapists and dental nurses.

The cornerstone of our work ethic is to get to know our patients. Establishing these long-standing relationships, enables us to tailor the right custom treatment plan. Dentistry is not just a job to us, it’s our drive.

Our patients are our family and family means everything to us.

The Bayside Family Dentistry team

Dr Suzanne Cairns Bayside Family Dentistry Beaumaris
General Dentist in Beaumaris

Dr Suzanne Cairns is a female General Dentist.

Dr Suzanne is a highly-trained and knowledgeable dentist with more than 20 years of experience in her field. Suzanne’s passion for her work is backed by her past training and continuing professional development.


Dr Brett Borger Bayside Family Dentistry Beaumaris
General Dentist in Beaumaris

Dr Brett Borger is a male General Dentist.

Dr Brett Borger was raised in Melbourne where he studied Biomedicine and then Dentistry at Melbourne University. Brett graduated in 2016 and was on the Dean’s Honours List. Brett has the wonderful combination of gre...more...

Dr Nikita Gosrani Bayside Family Dentistry Beaumaris
General Dentist in Beaumaris

Dr Nikita Gosrani is a female General Dentist.

Dr Nikki has a bachelor of dental science from Cardiff University. With over 10 years of clinical experience in general dentistry in the UK, New Zealand and Australia; Dr Nikki strives to provide comprehensive dental ...more...

Dr Sarah Cheong Bayside Family Dentistry Beaumaris
General Dentist in Beaumaris

Dr Sarah Cheong is a female General Dentist  who speaks Mandarin (as well as English).

Dr Sarah Cheong was born in Singapore and migrated with her family to Melbourne in 2003. She completed a Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne in 2014, and subsequently, a Master of Dental Science at La T...more...