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Anzac Avenue Dental is a Dentist in Kallangur, QLD with dentists including Dr Andrew Gerber, Dr Caroline Dunn, Dr Bernard Tsang, Dr Mariska Taverne and Dr Yohann Sooltangos.

1455 Anzac Avenue

Kallangur QLD 4503

(07) 3491-8131

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To make an appointment at Anzac Avenue Dental, please call (07) 3491-8131

About Anzac Avenue Dental

Anzac Avenue Dental is located in Kallangur and services patients all over the Morton Bay, Pine Rivers and North Brisbane region. We care for all your dental needs from cosmetic makeovers , general dental treatment , TMJ pain therapy , implants , growth guidance and facial growth development orthodontics , tooth whitening , oral surgery, snoring and sleep apnea treatments, and emergency appointments are always available. We offer treatment under IV sedation and we have an on site clinic dedicated to oral myology, myofunctional programs, thumb sucking and the treatment of tongue ties. Our dental therapists and hygienists have a special interest in treating children and caring for your preventive care needs.

The Anzac Avenue Dental team

Dr Andrew Gerber Anzac Avenue Dental Kallangur
General Dentist in Kallangur

Dr Andrew Gerber is a male General Dentist.

Dr Andrew Gerber - Andrew graduated from Queensland University in 1994 and spent two years with the Royal Australian Air Force before moving into private practice in Queensland. He has a particular interest in implant...more...

Ms Shanti Lange Anzac Avenue Dental Kallangur
Dental Hygienist in Kallangur

Ms Shanti Lange is a female Dental Hygienist.

Where dental hygiene is concerned, Shanti aims to promote excellent oral health standards by educating and guiding patients to successful oral hygiene according to each individuals needs. The Preventive Care team also...more...

Dr Caroline Dunn Anzac Avenue Dental Kallangur
General Dentist in Kallangur

Dr Caroline Dunn is a female General Dentist.

Dr Caroline graduated from the University of Leeds in 2005, and has worked in both General Dental Practice and maxillofacial surgery, in both the UK and Dubai. While in England Caroline gained further qualifications f...more...

Dr Bernard Tsang Anzac Avenue Dental Kallangur
General Dentist in Kallangur

Dr Bernard Tsang is a male General Dentist  who speaks Cantonese (as well as English).

Dr Bernie completed a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science at Griffith University on the Gold Coast before moving to Melbourne to complete his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Melbourne. He began his dent...more...

Dr Mariska Taverne Anzac Avenue Dental Kallangur
General Dentist in Kallangur

Dr Mariska Taverne is a female General Dentist  who speaks Dutch (as well as English).

Dr Mariska Taverne completed her Bachelor of Dental Science at the University of Queensland and worked on the Gold Coast before joining us at Anzac Avenue Dental. She has an interest in all aspects of general dental ...more...

Dr Yohann Sooltangos Anzac Avenue Dental Kallangur
General Dentist in Kallangur

Dr Yohann Sooltangos is a male General Dentist  who speaks Creole and French (as well as English).

Dr Yohann graduated from Griffith University at the Gold Coast in 2017 with a Graduate Diploma in Dental Sciences.

After working for 6 months in Queensland Health, as part of his final year placement at Univers...more...

Ms Esther Ussher Anzac Avenue Dental Kallangur

Esther graduated from the University of Queensland in 2007 with a Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Oral Health)and has been at the Petrie Dental Centre since 2008. She loves working with people and is passionate a...more...