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Thornton Dental is a Dentist in Thornton, NSW with dentists including Dr Srihalasya Borra.

9/1 Taylor Avenue

Thornton NSW 2322

(02) 4966-2996

(02) 4964-4413

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To make an appointment at Thornton Dental, please call (02) 4966-2996

About Thornton Dental

Thornton Dental is committed to the promotion of good dental health and the education of all patients to help them achieve a beautiful, healthy smile for life. We know that choosing the right dentist for your family is a serious task, and we are glad that you chose us! Every day we create more and more reasons to make you happy guided by our principles – care, quality, and affordability.

The Thornton Dental team

Dr Srihalasya Borra Thornton Dental Thornton
General Dentist in Thornton

Dr Srihalasya Borra is a female General Dentist.

Dr Sri has completed her Bachelors in Dental Science in the year 2007 and she completed her OTC Training at The Royal Dental Hospital Melbourne (DHSV), after Qualified as a General Dentist, Registered in Australian De...more...