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Pennant Hills Dental Centre is a Dentist in Pennant Hills, NSW with dentists including Dr Oliver Cvekus and Dr Roger Lindsay.

356 Pennant Hills Road

Pennant Hills NSW 2120

(02) 9484-1132

(02) 9980-7847

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Please call us today or book online to secure an appointment. *We only offer Saturday appointments once per month.

Treatment Options

Crowns & Bridges Periodontics Root Canals Extractions Orthodontics Snoring Mouthguards Veneers Sleep Apnoea Dental Implants Endodontics Clear Correct Invisalign Wisdom Teeth Teeth Whitening White Fillings Nitrous Oxide Dentures Braces

About Pennant Hills Dental Centre

Pennant Hills Dental Centre has been looking after the dental needs of the local community since 1951. Pennant Hills Dental Centre prides itself on being able to provide comprehensive dental care across all fields of dentistry at the highest level. All practioners are passionate about continued education so as to ensure we can always offer the most up-to-date techniques from around the world and are committed to long term clinical success. As our history would show we are committed to the long game when it comes to our patient's oral health. As a team we are caring and cohesive, striving to combine the art and science of dentistry to provide the very best care for our patients.


3-hour parking is available in the carpark on Fisher Avenue.

After Hours Emergencies

Contact : (02) 9484-1132

In the case of an emergency, you will be directed to an after hours number.

The Pennant Hills Dental Centre team

Dr Oliver Cvekus Pennant Hills Dental Centre Pennant Hills
General Dentist in Pennant Hills

Dr Oliver Cvekus is a male General Dentist.

Oliver is a very accomplished Dental Surgeon with a special interest in Cosmetic Rehabilitation, Oral Surgery and Dental Implantology. He graduated from Melbourne Dental School as the No. 1 graduate collecting the RAC...more...

Dr Roger Lindsay Pennant Hills Dental Centre Pennant Hills
General Dentist in Pennant Hills

Dr Roger Lindsay is a male General Dentist.

Dr Roger Lindsay (Syd. Uni. 1978) commenced practice at Pennant Hills in 1985 following an earlier career in the Royal Australian Navy and set up the modern dental complex at the Anglican Retirement Villages due to hi...more...