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Whiter & Brighter Smilez is a Dentist in Dulwich Hill, NSW with dentists including Dr Jacob Guirguis and Dr Magdy Armanious.

449 Marrickville Road

Dulwich Hill NSW 2203

(02) 9569-1398

(02) 9569-1398


To make an appointment at Whiter & Brighter Smilez, please call (02) 9569-1398

About Whiter & Brighter Smilez

Are you always anxious when visiting the dentist? Do you feel like the dentist does not care about you and just wants your money? Do you want to feel safe and happy when you are sitting on that dental chair? Here at Whiter & Brighter Smilez your concern is our top priority and making sure we put your mind at ease. With our team specialising in treating those with dental phobia, rest assured you would not only have to visit the dentist again, you would want to!

Right in the heart of Dulwich Hill we intend to give you the best treatment possible for your circumstance. As we especially treat patients with dental phobia we make sure you leave the room smiling – whiter and brighter!

The Whiter & Brighter Smilez team

Dr Jacob Guirguis Whiter & Brighter Smilez Dulwich Hill
General Dentist in Dulwich Hill

Dr Jacob Guirguis is a male General Dentist.

Ms Christina Romano Whiter & Brighter Smilez Dulwich Hill
Dental Hygienist in Dulwich Hill

Ms Christina Romano is a female Dental Hygienist.

Christina is a very caring and compassionate person and so began her career as a Dental Assistant in 2013. Christina enjoyed her role and her passion for helping others. This drove her to progress further, leading her...more...

Dr Magdy Armanious Whiter & Brighter Smilez Dulwich Hill
General Dentist in Dulwich Hill

Dr Magdy Armanious is a male General Dentist  who speaks Arabic (as well as English).