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TranscenDental Chatswood is a Dentist in Chatswood, NSW with dentists including Dr Josephine Ahn and Dr Cosmo Liu.

4/18 Thomas Street

Chatswood NSW 2067

(02) 8031-7777

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To make an appointment at TranscenDental Chatswood, please call (02) 8031-7777

About TranscenDental Chatswood

At Transcendental Chatswood, we strive to make your dental visit more than just a check-up. With our highly-skilled team, advanced technology, and welcoming atmosphere, we are dedicated to giving you the ultimate dental experience.

The TranscenDental Chatswood team

Dr Josephine Ahn TranscenDental Chatswood Chatswood
General Dentist in Chatswood

Dr Josephine Ahn is a female General Dentist  who speaks Korean (as well as English).

Dr Josephine Ahn is the principal dentist at Transcendental Chatswood, providing exceptional dental care to patients of all ages with her advanced training in General Dental Practice and Graduate Diploma in Orthodonti...more...

Dr Cosmo Liu TranscenDental Chatswood Chatswood
General Dentist in Chatswood

Dr Cosmo Liu is a male General Dentist  who speaks Mandarin (as well as English).

Dr Cosmo earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Sydney and is a current member of the Australian Dental Association. Dr Cosmo continuously refines his skills in all areas of dentistry to give his ...more...