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Bangor Dental is a Dentist in Bangor, NSW with dentists including Dr Stephen Zorbas.

Suite 3, Bangor Centre
121 Yala Road

Bangor NSW 2234

(02) 9543-1897

(02) 9545-5469

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To make an appointment at Bangor Dental, please call (02) 9543-1897

About Bangor Dental

Located in Bangor, we are a boutique dental practice operating for many years. We are dedicated to improving and maintaining your oral health, offering a wide range of services including general dentistry, preventive care and children's dentistry. Our practice is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our patients. We welcome new patients.

The Bangor Dental team

Dr Stephen Zorbas Bangor Dental Bangor
General Dentist in Bangor

Dr Stephen Zorbas is a male General Dentist.

Stephen is committed to a higher standard of care for our patients and works very hard to make your surgical experience as easy as possible.