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Artarmon Fine Dental is a Dentist in Artarmon, NSW with dentists including Dr Mark Chung.

Suite 1
80 Hampden Road

Artarmon NSW 2064

(02) 9419-7484

(02) 9410-1311

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To make an appointment at Artarmon Fine Dental, please call (02) 9419-7484

About Artarmon Fine Dental

At Artarmon Fine dental we understand everyone is unique. Each person has their own values, beliefs, desires and budgets. Some people want the full cosmetic transformation, others may want to replace broken or missing teeth so they can finally eat properly whereas others just want their routine scale and clean. Mark will guide you through what is happening inside your mouth, offer you options how to fix it then leave it up to you when you are ready to do the treatment to give you the health, confidence and happiness that you deserve.

The Artarmon Fine Dental team

Dr Mark Chung Artarmon Fine Dental Artarmon
General Dentist in Artarmon

Dr Mark Chung is a male General Dentist.

Dr Mark Chung completed his dental degree at the University of Sydney, graduating with honours in 2003. The continuing education Mark has undertaken since includes becoming an accredited Invisalign® provider and cour...more...