Dr Dhaval Panara Iluka Dental Centre Iluka

Dr Dhaval Panara

BDS (India), General Dentist

Dr Dhaval Panara is a male General Dentist who speaks Gujarati and Hindi (as well as English).

Dr Dhaval has a caring attitude towards all his patients and believes in providing the best comprehensive and quality treatment. He is competent in all aspects of dentistry with special interest in dental implants, complex wisdom teeth removal, root canal treatment and cosmetic dentistry including therapeutic Botox muscle relaxants.

Dr Dhaval believes in the comprehensive management of oral health by providing multiple treatment options for the best patient care and prioritising the patient's needs.

Dr Dhaval graduated in 2008, obtaining his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Mysore, India. He worked at a private dental practice in Gujarat prior to relocating to Perth with his family.

Dr Dhaval has seen the difference a healthy mouth and great smile can make to someone's general health and self-esteem. He enjoys all aspects of general dentistry and keeps up to date with the changing world of dentistry by regularly attending CPD's on new techniques.

DrDhaval is very understanding with nervous patients and believes every patient is another opportunity to dispel rumours about old fashioned dentists! He wants to prevent small problems becoming big painful ones and believes in regular preventative check-ups.