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Dr Dinesh M Erlewad

BDS (India), General Dentist

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Dr Dinesh M Erlewad is a male General Dentist who speaks Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi (as well as English).

Dr Dinesh Erlewad is a passionate General and Aesthetic Dentist with expertise in Dental Implants and Orthodontics. He has been serving his clients for well over 22 years in 3 different continents and believes in combining technology and dentistry to provide the highest possible dental care.

Dr Erlewad comes from a vibrant Indian background. In 1999, he acquired Bachelor in Dental Surgery in Aurangabad, India. Thereafter, he acquired his Post-Graduate Degree in Oral Medicine and Pathology in 2006 from Nagpur, Maharashtra, India.

He attained Fellowship from Academy of Fixed Orthodontics from New York and is currently pursuing his Diploma in Orthodontics from the UK.