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Dr Yoon Lee

BOH (DentSci), Grad.Dip.Dent (Griffith), General Dentist

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Dr Yoon Lee is a male General Dentist who speaks Korean (as well as English).

Dr Yoon Lee, General Dentist graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science and Graduate Diploma of Dentistry. Dr Yoon Lee has also completed a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience achieving First Class Honours at The University of Queensland.

Although Yoon enjoys Geriatric and Cosmetic dentistry, he has a special interest in the field of Periodontology. He hopes in time and with research that it will be possible to potentially find a cure for periodontal disease. Yoon chose to work in dentistry as his maternal grandmother’s health condition impaired her motor functions and she was unable to care for her teeth. Seeing his grandmother struggle, this motivated Yoon to not only care for his grandmother but also people like her who are unable to care for their teeth due to health conditions. Yoon's favourite part of working in the dental industry is the team environment and helping one another to bring out the best treatment and provide service to the patients. Yoon enjoys being able to restore smiles to patients’ faces.