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Dr Andrea DP Arenas Valero

BDS, General Dentist

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Dr Andrea DP Arenas Valero is a female General Dentist who speaks Spanish (as well as English).

Andrea Arenas graduated from the Colombian Dental College with a Bachelor in Dental Sciences in 2002. Dr Arenas started her career in public practice in Colombia. This gave her a broad range of experience across all fields of dentistry. After three years, she moved into private practice, where she developed an in-depth interest in cosmetic dentistry. After 10 years as a dentist in South America, she decided to move to Australia, where she has made Melbourne her home.

Andrea is passionate about lifelong learning and keeps herself up to date with the latest dental procedures by attending professional development courses. She is also a visual arts graduate; her specialisation in sculpture is a neat fit with her practice of cosmetic dentistry.