Dr Rooshab R Malde Ageless Smiles Dental Centre Belmont

Dr Rooshab R Malde

BDS (Hons) (Wales), MJDF RCS (England), General Dentist

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Dr Rooshab R Malde is a male General Dentist who speaks Gujarati (as well as English).

Dr Rooshab Malde, is the practice owner and principal dentist at Forum Dental Centre Belmont. He graduated with honours from Cardiff University (University of Wales College of Medicine) in 2009, and is a very passionate dentist, working hard to ensure that you have the best quality of care at an affordable price.

Rooshab enjoys all aspects of dentistry and has a particular interest in prosthodontics (crowns and bridges), implant and cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and endodontics (root canal treatments). Dr Rooshab’s primary focus is to build strong relationships with all of his patients, to create a long-standing personal and comfortable environment for both himself and his patients.