Dr Asad S Jamil Orthodontic Early Treatment Centre Fortitude Valley

Dr Asad S Jamil

BDS, General Dentist

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Dr Asad S Jamil is a male General Dentist who speaks Punjabi and Urdu (as well as English).

Dr Asad was undergoing specialist training in Pakistan when he made the move to Australia in 2012. He has worked and trained with Dr John Flutter since 2015 in Management and Early Intervention of Malocclusion in kids using myofunctional therapy. He assists John with his teaching courses where they train other dentists on different techniques and principles of myobrace/myofunctional therapy. He has also completed 2 years of advance training in Orthodontics and is very skilled in merging myofunctional therapy with in his work.

Dr John entrusted the care of his patient’s to Dr Asad when he retired and now, Asad is the Principal Dentist at Fortitude Valley Dentist.

Asad is dedicated to keeping up to date with latest techniques and training as he regularly attends conferences and seminars on implants, surgical extractions, smile makeovers and management of orthodontic problems in kids/adults. He has a keen interest in providing pain-free, holistic dentistry and is always looking at new techniques and materials to improve the patient’s experience. He has a keen eye for detail and is very passionate about his work.

Apart from dentistry, he loves spending time with his wife and 2-year old daughter and is an avid motorcycle enthusiast. Cricket, squash and motorbikes are amongst few of the things he is always ready to chat about. Involvement in our local community is also very important to Dr Asad. He has volunteered with SOS Children’s Villages®, an organisation providing loving homes for orphaned and abandoned children. Here he is also involved in the Mud Army, protecting our local area and is also a member of a community group that arranges clean-ups of the Logan area, volunteering there every year.