Dr Amita  Gupta Confident Smile Dental Clinic Mount Gambier

Dr Amita Gupta

BDS, General Dentist

Dr Amita Gupta is a female General Dentist who speaks Hindi and Punjabi (as well as English).

After completing her Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2005, Dr Amita has worked at several dental clinics throughout Australia, gaining experience in all facets of modern dentistry. During this time, She gained valuable experience while serving Metropolitan and Rural communities.

Dr Amita is a keen believer in continuous professional development and she has invested a lot of time to travel overseas and Australia, to learn the latest in Cosmetic and Implant dentistry. She continues to attend dental conferences, seminars to keep herself updated with the latest innovations and technologies of modern Dentistry. She has keen interest all aspect of dentistry along with conventional & modern orthodontics and Myofunctional dentistry.

She is frequently complemented by her patients for her gentle and caring nature which makes nervous patients feel comfortable.